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Estate Planning Attorney Cheyenne, WY

You've worked hard for your assets and at Weber Law, we are committed to protecting those assets by using the legal tools that best effectuate your wishes. We understand your legacy is not only about monetary value.

We offer valuable estate planning services tailored to your important legal needs in connection with property and investment holdings, related tax issues, and the possibility of a need for assistance arrangements in the future.

Our services include:

  • Last Will & Testament: We can draft or revise wills to ensure that your desires for the distribution of your assets will be properly upheld. A complete list of assets is constructed and an executor is named as we discuss your wishes concerning bequests to your family members, loved ones, and others with whom you want to share your estate. For parents of minors, a Last Will & Testament also provides security in naming guardians to take care of your children and manage their financial needs upon your passing.
  • Living wills: This document, also called an advance healthcare directive, appoints an individual to act as a health care surrogate to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become unable. A Living Will specifically states the medical care you would like provided or withheld to artificially prolong your life if you are in a terminal, vegetative, or end of life condition
  • Trusts: Trusts allows your assets to be properly distributed to your chosen beneficiaries and can enable your estate to avoid the unnecessary delays and costs associated with probate. With several types of trusts available, we can discuss the situations and purposes for which they are best suited for your estate.
  • Powers of attorney: This essential document designates someone to manage your finances, as well as your medical and daily needs in case you are unable to handle your personal affairs in the future. This proactive planning can eliminate the need for guardianship and protect your estate.

At Weber Law, we understand the importance of estate planning and protecting your legacy. Although we cannot predict the future, solid planning can ease the worries of the unknown. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with attorney Amanda Weber to put a well organized and executed plan into place or to revisit your current will and other important estate documents.