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At Weber Law, our experienced team ensures that both our corporate and landowner clients achieve their mutual goal of protecting their respective investments. We assist operators by ensuring compliance with various laws and regulations, conducting due diligence for acquisitions, and timely providing defensible mineral title ownership in the form of Drilling Title Opinions and Division Order Title Opinions in a cost-efficient manner. We assist landowners who possess oil, gas, and mineral rights to protect their landowners' interests and rights by providing defensible mineral title ownership to operators in addition to helping parties negotiate oil and gas leases and surface use agreements. We recognize the importance of the land and the resources. We educate our clients on the environmental concerns, regulatory requirements, ownership issues and various protections available under oil and gas leases, surface use and pipeline agreements.

As a full-service firm, Weber Law understands that energy leasing and development can cross various areas of law and can impact estate planning documents, real estate transactions, and business matters. We routinely ensure that landowners and operators are informed of potential legal issues and create updated solutions to protect their interests and to meet their goals while being conscientious of the bottom line. Clients rest assured that our team will assist with all of their legal needs that may arise. We negotiate agreements, mediate disputes, draft title opinions and curative instruments, negotiate leases, and resolve title discrepancies.

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